Black Friday is Coming Soon!

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Veteran’s Day Sale

November 9, 2015 by


Fox Creek Leather supports our Veterans and current service men and women. This is a combat flag was presented to us, by a retired Army Veteran. It has flown over the 160 U.S. and the Coalition bases. By CPT Gabe Gecan (RET) based in Regional Command East Afghanistan. Under the Command of Coalition Joint Task force 101. Led by the 101st. Airborne Division Screaming Eagles (CJTH-101)

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In honor of Veteran’s Day all Jackets are $25 off, Chaps are $15 off, and Vests are $10! A style for everyone in time for these cold winter months. (available until 11/12/15)

*Sale prices valid on new orders for in-stock items only. Sales may be terminated at our discretion depending on inventory levels. Sorry we cannot apply sale pricing to backorders, previous orders, special orders, other discounts or out of stock sizes. Occasionally orders come in so quickly that sold out options still show up as available. Some sale items may not be available in all sizes. Prices shown on web page reflect sale prices. Only one Source Code allowed per order.

THE Belt

November 5, 2015 by

Concho Belts

Our Leather Belts are made from thick latigo harness leather. This leather belt is a one piece belt that will not come apart as many pieced leather belts do. Our belts are suitable for dress or casual wear. You get your choice of buckle or choose “None” to order your belt without the buckle. We offer 1 3/8″ Black and Brown belts, and also 1″ Black and Brown Belts.

We have recently started making Concho Belts, also available in 1 3/8″ and 1″, and gives you the choice to pick your own options. You can choose your belt color, buckle, and your conchos! Each belt has 5-8 evenly spaced conchos, depending on the size of the belt. Our conchos and belts are made in the USA. Our authentic US Minted Coin Snaps are handcrafted right here in Grayson County, VA!

Nick, from New York, says: “I purchased this belt around 4 months ago and must say it blows away my other belts. I own a belt from that American motorcycle company (the belt is made in China) and when I compared it to this one, the Fox Creek Leather belt is almost 2 times thicker, the buckle is heavier and has a better finish and the stitching is heavier. there is no question Fox Creek Leather belts are top quality. Oh, and the Fox Creek Leather belt was also cheaper, go figure. Keep doing what you do Fox Creek Leather, thumbs up!”


Pete, from Wisconsin, has had his belt for a good while now, it’s wearing great!

Pete says:

“With my buddha-like physique, I can be hard on a belt. I got tired of seemingly decent belts made in you know where, lasting anywhere from a day to a year. So began my quest for a quality American made belt.

I found Fox Creek Leather doing a Google search, and ordered my belt. I’ve had it for about a year now and couldn’t be happier. It’s broken in nicely, and is wearing like iron. I can tell I’ll have this belt for a long time. When I finally decide to replace my wallet in the near future, this is without a doubt who I’m going to buy it from.”

Watch this FCL Belt Review and see for yourself!

A Stylish Jacket With Solid Features

November 4, 2015 by

A frequent customer of ours, Barry Campbell, enjoys taking trips up to see us at Fox Creek Leather. One of his most recent purchases was the new Striped Racing Jacket.

Below are his thoughts on that jacket.

“Earlier this year, I rode my bike up to Fox Creek Leather to pick up a custom vest I had ordered. While there, I had to look at this jacket that I had seen on their website only a few days earlier. The first thing that drew me to the jacket was the appearance. You’ll never go wrong with a black leather jacket, but the little bit of color from the red and beige stripes really adds a classy touch without going overboard. It looks great!


The quality of the jacket is what I’ve come to expect from Fox Creek Leather; you can’t beat it! It’s a solid jacket, but without being overly heavy which is what I wanted. I was looking for something with a little different style and maybe a little lighter than my other leather jacket and I found that in this one. The stitching, the snaps, zippers; everything is of the highest quality. The leather is thick but still retains a supple quality to it that allows for the jacket to be very comfortable when wearing it.

I love the features of this jacket. The zip out liner has full sleeves and a built in neck warmer that stays out of sight, tucked between the liner and the jacket itself when not in use or it can be easily removed. Although I haven’t had the opportunity to use it, I like the idea of knowing that it’s there when the temperature drops. There’s four vents; two on the back and one under each arm. I really like the fact that you have a zipper on each side that allows the jacket to expand if needed. You have two large inside pockets with the one on the left being a leather lined gun pocket. Leather lined! It’s like having a holster on your side that’s easily big enough for a mid-sized .45. Trust me!


This jacket is listed as an all season jacket. I decided to wear my jacket to work one day last week with the temperature being in the low to mid 80’s when I left shortly after lunch. With the liner, it was entirely too warm for me; which I expected. I removed the liner at my friend’s house before we rode on in to work. With the vents open, I found it to be comfortable as long as we were moving. Keep in mind, I’m not one to wear a jacket in the summer and anything in the 80’s is still hot to me. But for those that choose to wear a jacket anytime they ride, I believe they would find this one comfortable. On the ride back home that night, the temperature had dropped to mid 60’s and I found the jacket very comfortable without the liner and the vents closed. The temperature was in the 60’s again this past Saturday when I left Mooresvile to ride up to Fox Creek for their customer appreciation ride and again found it very comfortable to wear on the bike.

I can’t find anything wrong with this jacket. It’s comfortable and looks good enough that I’d wear it out whether I was on the bike or not. And on top of all of this, it’s made right here in the USA. Made in the USA leather products is what initially drew me to Fox Creek Leather last year. The quality of their products and their outstanding customer service is what keeps me coming back. Whether it’s this jacket or another, you can’t go wrong with buying from Fox Creek Leather!”

–Barry Campbell from Mooresville, NC


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