Motorcycle Safety Equipment

March 25, 2014 by

Joel C. from Clayton, NC

I’m so pleased with my Fox Creek jacket that I had to share my experience. As a motorcyclist, I believe in wearing safety equipment. You don’t have to wrap yourself in a bunch of bubble wrap but the basics are: eye covering, a helmet, a good motorcycle jacket, and gloves. When looking for a jacket, I wanted the best quality jacket money could buy (note that I didn’t say the most expensive), one made in the great USA (hard to find) and one that would give me the largest range of comfortable temperatures.

I selected the Fox Creek Vented Reflective Jacket to give me one additional feature, night time visibility. The features of this jacket, insulated liner and multiple vents, allow me to make adjustments to stay comfortable from the low 30′s to the mid 90′s. That’s pretty much year-round comfort for North Carolina. I have had it on in the low 100′s and as long as you’re moving and all the vents open it is comfortable, a bit warm, but still not bad for the added protection.

Now for my experience. After riding over 30 years, here is a story that I never thought I would be writing. A young driver, in a hurry to go nowhere, forgot to do the most elementary thing when entering an intersection from a stop sign. No matter what transportation you use (a pedestrian, bicycle, automobile or motorcycle) before entering an intersection look left, look right, look left again and then proceed when safe. “I didn’t see the motorcycle” is the lame excuse so often used by the guilty party. If you don’t look you will never see anything! Don’t try and make up time in your day by driving fast, carelessly, or taking chances. A motor vehicle can cause a lot of damage and a careless mistake, resulting in a crash, will affect many people’s lives in many different ways and please “Watch For Motorcycles!”

Now back to my story. This four wheel driver decided they could beat the vehicle approaching from the right and pulled out from the side street when I’m only 100 feet on their left. I appears they were going to use the center left turn lane as a refuge (an illegal move) allowing the oncoming vehicle to pass. The problem, they never looked back to the left before pulling out. Applying all the brakes I could, I quickly moved into the left turn lane to try and clear the vehicle but was struck on the right side. My wheels were literally knocked out from underneath me as I was struck from the right. My Harley Fat Boy ripped the front bumper and grill off the offending car as I was slammed to the pavement. We slid along the pavement (me, my bike and the bumper) with my Fox Creek jacket protecting my skin and my helmet protecting my head. After stopping, I checked that I was all there and able to move. Thank God I could move but the handlebar was griping my lower leg against the gas tank and I couldn’t get up. The driver from the vehicle that was approaching, stopped and ran over to see if I was ok and helped to lift the bike off my leg. I walked, ok limped, away with a seriously hurting right shoulder, right hip and leg. The bike had begun leaking fuel and soon after ignited in a small blaze.

In the ambulance the EMT’s made the comment of how well the jacket I was wearing had protected me and how fortunate I was for wearing it. We all were amazed at how well the jacket held up to the crash and protected my skin from certain road rash. After arriving at the hospital and getting x-rays, the Doctor entered my room and went right to my jacket lying on the table beside me. He picked it up and made the comment: “This is a really well made jacket! You have a fractured (broken) shoulder blade and rib, torn ligaments, and bruised rotator cuff. Most people with these type fractures have many other injuries.”

Several months have passed now and I’m feeling blessed by God that I’m sharing this story with you. After the crash my Harley was totaled, my helmet is trash being cracked and scraped on the right side and my Fox Creek jacket has road rash on the right side from the front collar, around and across the length of the arm and right back. It was obvious that this jacket protected my skin from my neck, shoulder, arm, back, and all the way to my right hip.

I called the folks at Fox Creek about getting a replacement reflective jacket and found they were discontinuing that model and didn’t have one in my size. I decided to try and repair the jacket to see if I could salvage it. Ryan, at Fox Creek, gave me some Doc Watson’s Leather Conditioner to help me with the job. After trimming the rough leather with some clippers and light sanding (to smooth out the cuts) I rubbed it down with Doc Watson’s several times. To my amazement this jacket looks great! It now has that worn motorcycle jacket look, let’s just call it “patina”. That says a lot for the thickness and quality of the leather Fox Creek uses. The next time I’m up in Independence Virginia I’ll get a lower snap cover replaced and no one would ever know what this jacket has gone through.

I can’t say enough about how well made Fox Creek jackets are and how the folks at Fox Creek did all they could to help me make the necessary repairs to keep it in service after being damaged. I know this jacket saved my skin, untold pain and suffering, hours of physical therapy and thousands of dollars in physical recovery cost. I’m happy to be here sharing this experience with you today and encourage other motorcyclists to think “safety” as they ride and drive. For my life changing event, I thank God most of all but wanted to also thank Fox Creek and all the skilled “American” craftsmen that build these quality products that are important pieces of motorcycle safety equipment.

Joel C.
Clayton, North Carolina

*Although we have discontinued the Vented Reflector jacket, the same quality workmanship and many of the same features run throughout the entire line of Fox Creek Leather motorcycle jackets.

This little bull has a lot of spunk!

February 27, 2014 by

Everyone who knows my family well knows one thing for sure, we love animals. Big ones, little ones, pets and livestock are all the same to us.

On February 16 (three days after our biggest snowstorm in years), my husband Bill went to feed our cattle. One of our older cows kept running to the tractor and bawling and running over to a bank and looking back at Bill. After a couple frantic dashes, Bill got off the tractor to go see what was going on. There over the bank standing in a swampy area was a beautiful little black calf. Did I say little? He turned out to be one of the biggest calves ever born on our farm, weighing in at just under 100 pounds and as tall as his 2 month old cousins.

The baby couldn’t come to the mother and the mother wouldn’t go down after the baby, so Bill made his way down the bank and carried the calf back up. Bill knew right away this little bull was in pretty bad shape – poor thing was almost frozen. His hooves were white and soft where he had been standing in the freezing bog so long. Blankets and warm milk were hurried from the house, but nothing seemed to help. He was so weak – I stretched out over him, massaging and trying to restore circulation and warmth. He was so literally close to frozen that his flesh did not move under our hands when we rubbed him… it was almost like rubbing your hand across water-logged carpet instead of a furry critter. His mother and the bull stood right over our shoulders and watched as we dried and massaged him to warm him up and poured warm milk into his frozen mouth.

A House Full of Love

We decided to try something that my dad used to do when I was growing up: we brought him to the house and kept him in the kitchen near the woodstove. This brings back wonderful childhood memories of my dad and how he loved all critters. Mamma cow followed us out to the gate but didn’t throw a fit, I am certain she knew we were doing all that we could to help her baby.

Everyone was excited when we brought a calf in the house, even the dogs. We kept telling the kids to rub on him and keep trying to get him warm, all the while telling them not to get their hopes up because he may not make it. We set an alarm clock for nighttime feedings and after each bottle he was a little more active. From 5:00 the evening we found him until about 5:30 the next morning he barely moved and never mooed a time. Imagine how thrilled we were to be awakened to the sound of little hooves sliding on hardwood floors and a little moo.

We hurried down the stairs and rounded the corner to find him trying to walk on the hardwood but instead he was sliding like Bambi on the frozen pond. His hooves had thawed and hardened, so another warm meal beside the woodstove and it was time to take him back to his momma. We waited until it warmed up that afternoon and Mamma came right to him when he entered the field. They’ve both been just fine since. Within 24 hours he went from nearly frozen to death to behaving like any other newborn hanging out with his mom and nursing. The next day he was actually running – it’s gratifying to watch him play in the field with the other calves! I believe that an animal’s name needs to reflect his personality so I have decided to name him Amos in honor of his strength. I will be expecting some pretty calves by Amos in a couple of years.

by Melinda Smith, Office Manager at Fox Creek Leather

I should have bought one 20 years ago

January 16, 2014 by

Should have bought one 20 years ago

Andreas from Germany wearing his Classic I Motorcycle Jacket

“Should have bought one 20 years ago”

I am riding motorcycles since 1982 and I have had several jackets during thousands of miles. Last year I bought my Harley, therefore a appropriate leather jacket was necessary. Because of the good quality of the roll bag I bought from Fox Creek Leather I ordered my jacket there.

It arrived very fast (3 days to Germany), fits like a glove and is of extraordinary quality.

I should have bought one 20 years ago, it would have saved a lot of money; I have no doubt it will last a lifetime!

Thank you very much, I am very keen to receive my gloves I ordered last week!

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Product Spotlight

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Riders Readers
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Gift Certificate Winners

Fox Creek Leather Gift Certificate Winners

Well, it’s time to announce the winner of the Newsletter Subscriber $250 Gift Certificate and the Newsletter Author $500 Gift Certificate.

The way it works…

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Congratulations to Jeff & Hugh!

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Holiday Deals – Fox Creek Leather

December 5, 2013 by

Leather Motorcycle Jackets on Sale

Merry Christmas!

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